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Dec 12, 2012 1:00am EST
authority. we promise to cut spending in the future. last week, it was lucy and charlie brown. we did the same thing in the last that sivan agreement. that is something we will be pushing to do in the context of this debate, but also in the context of what i hope will be a debt ceiling debate that takes place in february and march of next year. >> let me follow the question with a related one. it is one thing to stand up to the president. when we look at the way government spending, as a percentage of gdp has risen more under republicans and democrats, how can we do with that a little bit better? >> we have done this the last three years of the republican study committee. we actually put out an alternative budget. we believe by putting out a budget that shows a path to balance in a reasonable time -- our last one balanced in 5.5 years, according to the cbo. the budget the past -- that gives us a better chance to market that. i think that is part of the vision, how this is going to help your family, your community, if we get to balance what that means for opportunity, for growth. >> it is
Dec 11, 2012 8:00pm EST
. the cartoon last week was the one -- lucy and charlie brown. we did the same thing in the last debt ceiling agreement. i agree we should. that is something we will be pushing to do. in the context of this debate and of what i hope will be a debt ceiling the date that takes place february and march next year. >> let me follow up on that question. it is one thing to stand up to the president on this problem will look at the data, we know that government spending as a percentage of gdp has risen under republican majorities more than under democratic majorities. how can we deal with that little better? >> one is to provide a vision for where we have to go. we have done this the last three years. we put on an alternative budget. putting on a budget that shows a path to balance. we think that helps make the budget that -- that makes it better. we show that. i think that's part of the vision. how this will help your family, your community if we get the balance. but that means for opportunity for growth. >> i came here in 2008. one of the things that frustrates me when i ran for congress, i
Dec 20, 2012 8:00pm EST
. host: an entirely different view from deborah's is clifton brown's who tweets has anyone considered the possibility that obama is making these fiscal cliff offers knowing they won't pass but they will divide the g.o.p. a republican call ner texas. caller: as a conservative republican that's against tax increases in any way, i'm frustrated tonight with the republican caucus that they did not take boehner's plan and even bring it to a vote. i know the political ideology of these hard line con serves tives and i believe in it. but in order to take steps to accomplish that, they have to take a practical approach to getting the steps necessary to get there. and so i think that the situation in which political ideology took a step over what practically could make stup happen for the republican party. and i think if the republican party could see that, that if the fiscal cliff occurs and we go over the cliff by not passing boehner's plan tonight then taxes will go up on every american. and since we can't get plan b done, then the republican party isn't going to have any sprenth in their hand.
Dec 18, 2012 8:00pm EST
six, gang of eight, supercommittee. every time they take that football and it is a charlie brown episode where they jerked the ball away. this is what they are doing again. republicans have walked away from serious negotiations in the past three and half years. as soon as president obama was reelected, we started talking about the need to do something about the long-term financial security of this country. compromising takes encourage. walking away as they have done -- there is a small minority linda strings in the republican house. the tea party agenda not be further from the priorities of middle-class americans. there will come a time when the republicans will have to choose between the tea party and the american people. americans are clear about what they want. democrats, republicans, independents -- more than 60% of republicans believe that the rich should pay more. they want a balance when that combines smart spending cuts while asking the wealthiest to pay their fair share. they want us to protect the middle class from having 2200 tax increase come january 1 -- januaryx inc
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4